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Red Dwarf Series XI Trailer

Their finally officially here !!! With the first sneak peak into the laughs, And the release date (Exclusive to Dave) on Thursday the 22nd of Smegtember !!! The trailer shows it better than I ever could describe:

And now of course the trailer itself !!! , Enjoy ;)

So sorry I couldn't get this video in any earlier but I've been on holiday for the past week, apologies for the delay


Red Dwarf Series XI & XII

You won't believe it, but their coming back!

Yes, back for series 11 and 12 and from next month!, September

Amazingly the cast will be the same! With the original line up:

  • Craig Charles as Lister
  • Chris barrie as Rimmer
  • Danny John-Jules as The Cat
  • And Robert Llewellyn as Kryten

(Honestly I thought they were getting old in series 10)

But here they are, still bringing us their comedy in this timeless classic

Hope you'll all be tuned in to watch it like I'll be and have enjoyed seeing it all so far, on TV and in Lego

With this I'd also like to thank you all for an amazing 350 Supporters! on my Red Dwarf Living Quarters project and to express the awesomeness that it would be if that number was to continue to rise!

Once again, Thank You! and with that, 1MindWithIdeas out!


Red Dwarf Living Quarters, now series 1-5

Hello all passers by of my Red Dwarf Living Quarters, I've got some new update photos to share with you all (sorry some of them are links but the images went way out of the given boarder). Some images are still a little out of the boarder (just skinning off the tops of heads) I can give you the full image at your request as a link.

But anyway, my new update that I've been talking about for a few weeks is finally here and on time! It features a newly improved design, more characters and more items of memorabilia from the series. Look down to see what those are and most importantly, don't forget to support! I'd greatly appreciate comments, I'll do my best to reply to all of them as I'm on here almost every day. Do follow, share and Tweet as well.

1MindWithIdeas out! Toodle Pipski!

First a new box cover, everything I've been working on.

The Space Bike and 2 new emotions for Kryton, his classic smug mode and anger (below).

  • Smug mode in action:

What is this? - No! - What is it? - Please! - What is it? - It's a small off-duty Czechoslovakian traffic warden!

  • Rimmers Camphor wood box.

  • 400 Lego currency (fits to the lid) (in the episode it actually amounts to 24,000 DollarPounds)
  • Along with a 19th century war figure

  • 'Lister, your on report'.
  • Obviously its not supposed to say "Super Secret Plan: Taco Tuesday", though the coffee/tea stains are nice. I would rather his clipboard have written something like 'Red Dwarf - Technicians Report' with lots of complaints about Lister.

  • Both beds have been reversed, I noticed I'd got it the wrong way around when compared to the TV show

  • A photo for Lister: the two kids he is going to give birth to (yeah, it gets confusing)

  • The new crew, all 7 of them! That now makes 15!
  • Lister, Rimmer, Cat and Kryton
  • 2 Scutters, Talkie toaster, Holly and Hilly
  • Ace Rimmer, Kochanski, Frankenstein and Mr Flibble
  • Camille and Ismulant

  • The Bazookoids!, a trigger firing design that shoots off the end!

  • The Holly Hop Drive, by creation of Holly it allows objects to jump to a parallel universe.

  • The Dream Recorder, a way for the characters to look into their dreams and re-live the best of them.

  • And finally I've found a new window piece. An entire glass panel 3 bricks high (No longer a frame).

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