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Lego Indiana Jones: Ant Ambush

Lego Indiana Jones: Ant Ambush is based on the scene in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull where Indy and Mac are attacked by ants by the first of the three waterfalls. Similar to River Chase (7625) and Jungle Cutter (7626) however those were based on different scenes.

The minifigures included are Indiana Jones, Mac, Antonin Dovchenko, Irina Spalko and a generic solider. The set is made up of a small section of the waterfall, a tree and an ant hole. Accessories include a gun, a frog, a whip, the crystal skull and two ants. More sections and minfigures may be added as the project gains supporters. :)

Detachable sections allow the builder to add their own sections to the kit.

Recreate iconic scenes.

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