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Forum Romanum Skyline


Central area rework

I reworked the central area of the Forum. Here many smaller monuments once stood, and now they have some representation in this skyline. To make room I took out the foundations of the Basilica Julia from along the back edge. In its place are four (out of seven) column bases that were set up in the fourth century CE, with two broken columns still standing. At the front, the large Column of Phocas remains the same. In the open area to the left is the Lacus Curtius, a small shrine that the Romans preserved over many centuries. It has the form of a sunken area with the remains of a circular base, perhaps for an altar. In antiquity a fig tree, olive tree, and grape vine grew together near the Lacus Curtius. I have included a small tree here to represent the modern versions of these plants, which were planted in the 20th century.

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