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Lego Luxurious Modern Mansion


Hello, I hope your minifigures have enough money to acquire this modern and luxurious mansion.

This mansion is a replica of some mansions today, they stand out for being white with gray and brown colors, and for having really expensive furniture and high technology, this mansion of lego has all that.

The lego mansion has:
A fountain
Two sofas
A chimney
Furniture with objects
A pool table
Pictures on the walls
Aa secret safe box
A bed
A barbecue grill
A sport car
Two minifigures
and more...

You can watch the video to see more details of the mansion:

The set has 1400 bricks.

I think this can become a good lego set, because who does not want a lego mansion, also because it has good playability and accessibility for all ages.

I hope you like it very much and thank you very much for your support.


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