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French Underground Metro Station, Métropolitain [LDD]

Why not a French underground metro station?

This is a model of an underground metro station inspired by the metro stations in Paris, France. The street is built around a City Road Plate, 16x16.

A large part of the station is built using SNOT technology. And the curvature is in LEGO modulus.

The entrance is typically art nouveau style. The station Pigalle is fictitious, but will fit nicely with an older Paris metro train. The station is build in sections using technique bricks with pins. The house in relief can be omitted in the final model.

Of new stickers, there are for example the station name, the sign Métropolitain in the original art nouveau alfabet, Sorti (Exit), sewer cover and Bouche d'Incedie both from Paris.

All new stickers prints are drawn in Microsoft PowerPoint, and they are adapted to LDD's standard size.

Number of bricks are 1220. Number of building steps are 460.

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