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Indian Palace


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Model Description

An Indian palace based in ancient times. The palace includes a courtyard, throne room, swinging bed and seat, staircase area and a bath behind the throne room.

The minifigures include various Indian men and women including an archer/spear-man riding a brick-built elephant. A Sultan and two troops with a cannon are also included.

Why I built it?

After recently seeing various Bollywood/South Indian cinema I wished to bring a similar style of those ancient locations into a LEGO set to create something new.

It was also a fun project to work with. Since I could design it and structure the set out as I wanted. As it's not based on any existing specific building or design. Which allowed a lot of freedom with the details and what I could include.

Why I believe it will make a great set

  •     refreshing theme
  •     balanced mix of minifigure count and build scale to compliment
  •     New use of colors for the buildings
  •     highly packed with details
  •     the two opposing minifigure teams can make for great display or playability

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