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The El Chavo CRT TV

Idea Info:
Welcome to the world of El Chavo in this two in one build of a classic CRT TV and El Chavo’s neighborhood. The reason I created this build is because of my parents, they grew up with this classic Hispanic show when they were kids. My dad till this day loves the show and it can still make him laugh. I didn’t grew up with the show like them, but I still knew what it was and saw it come up on tv time to time. So I wanted to create a build for my parents that they would like, but one that would challenge my building skills at the same time. I got the idea to build his neighborhood, but while planning it out I thought to myself what would make this build better and I thought to build a CRT TV with it, but not only that but with a working VCR and so I went to work right away.

Build Info:
This big build of it self is a two in one build where you can have both builds together or separate. El Chavo’s neighborhood contains Don Ramon’s house, Dona Florinda house, Gloria house, Dona Cleotilde house, Chavo’s iconic barrel, the small work table, and beside it there is a writers room where episodes are made. The CRT TV has a working VCR that has two knobs to take the VHS out, a working button that makes it looks like the tv is turn on with a red light, tv color bars, tv connections in the back and front, a plug, a circuit board hidden on the left side of the tv, and a bunch of none working buttons. There are eighteen mini figures in total that includes El Chavo, Quico, Don Ramon, Dona Florinda, La Chilindrina, Professor Jirafales, Dona Cleotilde, Paty, Gloria, Nono, Godinez, Jaimito el Cartero, Senor Barriga, El Chaplin Colorado, two script writers, one storyboard artist, and one editor. There is a third separate build and it is the VHS that can fit inside the VCR.

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