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Senior Builds

LEGO has yet to market to seniors. They have a preschool line with Duplo, a huge youth product line and an adult line of architectural based products. These are not good products for seniors. Though Duplo bricks are easy to handle the themes and colors are too babyish to appeal to seniors. The youth and adult lines include many small pieces that can be difficult to manage and the instructions are not always easy to follow.

Senior Builds was inspired by the Life of George product. This product includes a daily build to build your brain. However Life of George is also not suited for seniors. It is competitive, timed and requires a smart phone.

Senior Builds could be the first LEGO product created and marketed towards senior citizens. It consists of a kit of LEGO bricks and a website where they can receive instructions every day for a different creation built with LEGOs! Information about the daily build will be included as well. For example, if the day’s build is based on the Lincoln Memorial there will be a link to the website for the Lincoln Memorial so he or she can learn about its history. This will encourage seniors to use the internet for research.

Building with LEGOs is a great way to stimulate the brain. In fact building 3-D models stimulates more areas of the brain than crossword puzzles. We have created the build instructions with a simple point and click interface. We also highlighted each brick that is being placed in the model picture so that it is easy to see what to do next.

At the same time Senior Builds helps improve and refine dexterity. Since some seniors have difficulty with small motor skills these bricks are larger than your standard brick. They will be in more subdued colors rather than the standard primary colors geared for young children.

We will also offer a monthly bigger build where seniors with the product can get together with other seniors and work together to build larger creations. This would be a great activity for a Senior Center. It is also something youth groups such as 4-H and Scouts could bring in to work on with the seniors.

Seniors can engage with their grandchildren by sharing what they have built. We can have a place on the website where seniors can post their creations on their own page. They can then share their page with their grandchildren and in turn their grandchildren can post their own LEGO creations.

Senior Builds: Interact, Connect, Engage!

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