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Lantern In The Wind

In the midst of the Asian wilderness, the changing seasons from spring, summer, fall, winter and finally spring again create a perfect bold Asia picture in this project. In this picture, the lake house which is located in middle of the calm lake surface. I deliberate how to use these colors which are related to Asian architecture such as red, black and white to make everything more dignified. An ancient tree which is embellished by all the fall autumn leaves, calm lake surface is covered by white lotus and the most popular category of Koi is the Gosanke. Koi fish or Japanese carp are fish with colors and patches raised and kept for appreciation.

This project was built in 2008, and now I want to remake it again in 2021 that bring back the special and unforgettable features of Asian architecture into this artwork. It is such an honor and joy that I can use LEGO to turn my imagination, passion and inspiration into tangible creations.

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