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Johnny Thunder and the Pyramid of Eternity


“G’day mate!”

The swashbuckling adventurer Johnny Thunder and his pals (and enemies!) are appearing in a brand new set! The adventuring Australian and his friends are some of the most beloved characters in LEGO, and their travels have taken them to the enchanted Pyramid of Eternity! This set has heroes, villains, action, Egypt, monsters, and most of all, pure, imaginative, LEGO style adventure!

*Note* This project is not an attempt to bring back an old set, but instead to create a brand new set with classic and beloved characters.

While designing the pyramid, I tried to keep the same feel as the classic sets, while still creating a brand new set. I also tried to pack loads of detail into the structure (those hieroglyph stickers really came in handy!). The designing of a crumbling structure was a ton of fun to build!

The pyramid as well includes numerous tricks and traps to keep Johnny and his pals on their toes. A falling hammer, falling blades, flick-fire missiles, a scorpion pit, a tricky trap door, living giant jackal statues, and a wall that spins around to reveal the evil Pharaoh await the brave adventurers! Will they be able to capture the Pharaoh’s staff before he uses the magical ruby to take over the world?

A small but cozy campsite is included for resting, map examining, and battling!

Nine minifigures are included:

Johnny Thunder - Fearless, imaginative, and heroic, Johnny Thunder is truly one of LEGO’s greatest heroes.

Harry Cane – Nervous ace pilot Harry is one of Johnny’s closest friends.

Gail Storm – Brave and beautiful, Gail is Johnny’s girlfriend, and a very intelligent reporter.

James Chaos – Made up for this set, Chaos is the anti-Johnny Thunder: crafty, evil, and almost as tough as Johnny.

Sam Sinister – Smart, sophisticated, and ruthless, Sam Sinister is a malevolent mastermind, who seeks to steal artifacts for his own gain, specifically the magic ruby.

Baron Von Barron – One of the greatest pilots in the world, the Baron seeks to destroy the world’s other greatest pilot, Harry Cane, as well as get rich.

The Pharaoh – A pure evil mummy who’s trying to take over the world using his mystic staff and the magic ruby.

Flying Mummy and Jackal Warrior – These magically strong creatures serve the Pharaoh and no one else.

If you’re a Johnny Thunder fan and want him to appear in a new, original set with a big pyramid, please support and spread the word. Thank you for reading!


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