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Omnidroid v.10


The Omnidroid v.10 is the last Omnidroid variant created by Syndrome to defeat Mr. Incredible. Unlike its many predecessors, the v.10 has 6 legs and laser guns build into its sensor clusters on it's body. This set is perfect for any Disney/Pixar fans, and adds to the Mr. Incredible and Syndrome minifigures.

For play features, the legs and feet can be detached, and a little fire element can be added to the feet. The sensor clusters (heads) can be positioned so the eye is visible in both the top and the bottom. The legs are also highly posable, so the model can be positioned many different ways, if desired. The Omnidroid v.10 could also be made of black LEGO elements, if that looks more accurate. There are 598 elements in this model.

Thanks for viewing my project, and let me know what I can do to this project to make it better!


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