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The Legend of Zelda BOTW: Calamity Ganon Battle

Ganon 2.0 Photo 2


Here is the second photo of Ganon!

Ganon 2.0 Photo 1!


I updated Ganon! after playing through the final battle in BOTW and looking at concept art for Ganon, I realized that my model of him was a bit inaccurate. I changed the two lower legs and the lower half of his body to look more Guardian-like. I also updated the glowing blue spear and his beard. Note the blue sphere in the laser gun, it mysteriously disappeared on the day that I took the photos of the original model...  Again, thank you for your support, and please share this with those you know!

25 Supporters!!!


Thank you so much for all of your support! 9,975 votes left to go! I made renders of Link and Zelda on Bricklink They are not perfect, but they are pretty good. Link has the Master Sword, Master Sword sheath, and Hylain Sheld, Zelda with sheikah slate again, and dress Zelda (both of her heads needs quite a bit of work).

Thank you for the support, and please share this idea with those you know!

(If you click on my Lego Ideas page, you can see my other projects, there will be more of them over the next few months)

(I may make custom designs for Link and Zelda with Part Designer)