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Micro Animal Project


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In this set you get to build animals from all over the world. Bringing home penguins, lions, and tigers will really bring your lego collection to life. Each animal has its own unique design that places it in its right habitat.

The lego group has made a lot of great sets, but have never really made a lot of animal sets. I hope this project will inspire builders like me to build more micro. I love to build micro because you have to use the least amount of bricks to create the most detailed design. The penguins are standing on their own ice cap that is mounted up on one side to really give a realistic feel. If this becomes a set, you will get to build lions fighting each other on a dirt mound. I really liked the detail in the tigers. The tigers are venturing through the jungle on a dark and light green path.

I gave all of the animals the same basic face design. The design is made up of three jumper plates for all of their faces.I was very happy with the design, because it gives the idea of a face without showing any eyes.

I built the animals on my computer at home on digital designer. I then rendered the images using pov ray. This process took me a good amount of hours and I hope it will pay off in the end.

Please support this project and share it with all of your friends, so this idea made me made a set one day.

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