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Carnivorous Worm


Carnivorous Worm was built for fun. If you like it, please support our project!

Features and details include:

  • Approximately 800 Lego pieces
  • Teeth firing mechanism 
  • Worm's head rotates 360 degrees
  • Worm's body features snake-like slithering motion 
  • Easy to connect components - 1 head, 5 body parts, 30 legs and 1 tail 
  • Articulating opening & closing teeth
  • Articulating body joints
  • Articulating split tail with stud shooters
  • 4 small insects, attachable on worm's back
  • 1 flying insect with articulating wings, legs and tail, attachable on worm's neck

Speed build and full features demonstration can be seen at

This is a collaborative project with user: jiayuan90 and posted here with his permission.

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