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Project Elements: Chapter 1 Ice vs Fire: 03 Ice Copter vs. Fire Airborne


Other projects and new projects

If you had seen my other projects, specially K-18, you may know I really love Mech.

Well, in my previous update, I had shown a head of my new mech.

This time, I am going to show you the full body.

It looks much cooler than LDD version...

For this one, I used some details from 7314 Recon Mech RP, 9448 Samurai Mech70327 The King's Mech70505 Temple of Light, and 70592 Salvage M.E.C..  If you had noticed, those sets or most of the sets I picked don't use translucent windshield, because I want a robotic head.  I also read some of their instructions to understand their standards of building.  However, I am still not satisfied how I built its right arm and its upper legs.  It is like... unnecessary...  And I hadn't built... something for villains.  I know some people will argue that it already looks cool... but this is Project Elements!


Cemodin, July 16 2016


Larger Image



Play Feature Design

Thinking about its play feature, one of the best ways is reading Lego Technic's instructions or getting a Lego Technic set.

For me, I have 8284 Dune Buggy / Tractor, but the driving ring is not produced anymore.  I have to use the gear shifter piece for this idea.

(They have the same usage, but one is new and the other is old.  For me, I still prefer to use driving ring, since it is shorter than gear shifter.)


Let's take the copter apart.

I remove the front part and you can see the Technic beams in there, but you still don't know how it works.

You can see there are four shock absorbers connected to the landing gear.

This is the most important part of the idea (for me).  When the blades spins, the tail rotor will spin.  You can shift the gear shifter and pull the string connected to minifigure by rotating the blades.  


Cemodin, July 14 2016


I am currently working on Chapter Two and I want to show something:

It looks so angry.

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