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Project Elements: Chapter 1 Ice vs Fire: 03 Ice Copter vs. Fire Airborne


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In a long time ago, Eleton was a ruthless place.  One day, the four kings, Democritus, Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, came and divided it into four places, Pyrka (the sword of Eleton), Nero(the shield of Eleton), Aera(the armor of Eleton), and Geia(the strength of Eleton).  Each king governed one place.  However, Democritus, one of the four kings who was beloved by the people of Pyrka, was forced to govern Geia, a desert between Pyrka and Aera.  Democritus was angry and left Eleton.  The People of Pyrka turn out to fight against the three kings.  A war between the sword of Eleton and the shield of Eleton has begun.


03 Ice Copter vs. Fire Airborne

The people of Pyrka break into the Defender's HQ and steal something.  Get into the Ice Copter and try to get it back.  Also, find the reason why the people of Pyrka want to steal it.


Pieces: 536

Minifigure: Fire - Name Undecided

                 Water - Names Undecided

Price: around 39.99 USD to 49.99 USD


Hi everyone,

I am Cemodin.  This is the end of the Chapter One (first wave) and I was thinking if I should make a project for other two polybag-size ideas.  Now, I am going to say sorry, I am not going to make a project for them, since they will be a little bit distracting.

About the story, the thing the people of Pyrka stole is belong to Democritus.  That thing is more like a chest.  People of Pyrka want to open it to see if there is a clue for them to find Democritus.  And then they will find something related to Geia and the reason why Democritus left Eleton.  Later, the war will end and the people of Nero and Pyrka team up and travel to Geia, the strange of Eleton...  



Project Elements: Chapter 1 Ice vs Fire

01 Fire Blaster vs. Water Airborne

02 Street Chase

03 Ice Copter vs. Fire Airborne

04 Ice Mobile vs. Fire Knight

05 Ice Mech vs. Fire Walker

06 The Defender's HQ

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