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Spanish Colonial Fort


The Rock, the Prison and the Roof

Photos of the round rock with the sea creatures and seaweeds, the back of the main fortress where the huge balcony and the prison is and the roof of the main fortress.


Inner Tower and Stone Bridge

Here are some closer look photos of inner corridor's tower and the bridge that connects the tower with the main fort.


The Tower and The Reef

Closer look photos of the corridor's tower and the reef


The Kiosk, the Wooden Balcony and the Main Entrance

Pictures of the kiosk, the wooden balcony with flowers and the main entrance (there's a secret passage under the main entrance but shhh! don't say anything!)


Pictures of front and right dock and the beach

Here are some closer look photos of the front dock, right side dock and the small sand beach at the back of the island.

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