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Spanish Colonial Fort


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It is a Spanish fort where it is used as a trading port and a prison at the same time. Something like a Spanish colonial fort. At first I tried to make it look more old school with less details but I changed my mind and made a full detailed fort. The ideas I created from zero without getting influenced by any other creation is the fat palm tree at the edge of the beach, the rocks in the sea near the governor's tower, the path going uphill to the entrance from the port, the round rocks behind the left part of the port that hide corals and other sea plants and organisms, the wooden stairs that connect the stony port with the wooden lower port and lastly the wooden stairs that connect the stony port with the front port tower. Also I tried to add some shark fins in the sea and waves to make it look more realistic and add more movement to the scene (it's just for the effects, it doesn't have to be included).
I created this cause I and many other people love colonial era so it is going to be a good opportunity to give a more latin taste to this kind of concept of lego creations.

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