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Ratchet & Clank


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Ratchet & Clank are an iconic pair of video game characters. Their series of games has been churning out many hits since 2002, and they've even had their own movie too. Now it's time to bring them into the LEGO medium with Ratchet & Clank buildable figures!

These figures have joints in their arms, legs, hands, and necks that give them a wide range of possible poses. You can also attach Clank onto the back of Ratchet to pose them as they would appear during gameplay. As evidenced by the non-render images, the figures are strong and stable enough to display on their own.

The Ratchet & Clank series of games are well known for their fun gadgets and wacky weapons. These are also a perfect fit to bring into LEGO, but there are too many to fit all in a single set. Tell me in the comments which gear you think should go along with the figures! I hope to put out updates for 1k and 5k supporters with a couple add-ons from the best suggestions.

Thank you!

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