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VIP Helicopter


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"Charles, fire up the helicopter. I've gotta meeting in one hour", says the exhausted CEO. "Yes, sir", the personal assistant, apparently named 'Charles', replies. He types something into his pager, a primitive yet reliable piece of technology, and the blades of the rooftop heli begin to turn, slowly...

This is my LEGO VIP Helicopter, which I like to call my VIP "Hallamachopper"... Not sure why... Anyways, I got this idea after building my mini LEGO city. I had lots of space on the roof of the office building, so I built a  helicopter with three seatsa table, and a pilot's seat complete with realistic controls. I hope to have this become a set because I had to build this myself. I have always wanted a good looking, passenger helicopter for my mini-figs, but I have been too lazy to make one. This set will allow kids to get a cheap set with only one thing in it: a simple helicopter, which is all they wanted and needed.

Of course, there already IS a LEGO VIP helicopter. You may be familiar with it, LEGO set 3222 "Helicopter Limousine". But personally, I think it is not only a little, but VERY expensive. $200 dollars! That is what makes this set so great. I can't be overpriced since it is only a helicopter and nothing else. If you like it, please support this project. I really appreciate it!

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