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Now to welcome everyone's favorite part of a set, mini-figs!

There are 4 mini-figs, the pilot, Charles the assistant, the businessman and his private security agent.

Here we have Maverick, the laid back, shade wearing helicopter pilot.

Next we have Charles, the fresh-out-of-college assistant who has no idea what to do.

We also have Benson Williams, the CEO of Octan and the man who loves to over-work Charles.

Finally, we have... well, we don't exactly know his name. All we know is that he doesn't talk, never changes his suit, and always wears the same sunglasses to work. But, he has always been loyal to the Williams family, kind of like Alfred, but not...

The mini-figures do come with props. (From left to right, handgun, suitcase, and a pager. Hey, I tried my best to find a good printed tile...)

Here are the mini-figs with their props!"The heli is ready, sir."

"Wait up, sir!"

Here we go!Plenty of room for all of the mini-figures!

Unfortunately, due to the way the roof is constructed...

The figures that are sitting at the table have to be bent in slightly, as shown.

Hi-ya, Maverick!

*Building not included in set



Inside View

I realized that I forgot to add pics of the inside of the heli, so here they are.

The top comes off easily in two parts.

The larger part is EXTREMELY sturdy.

Here are the three seats, a nice table, and the pilot's seat with detailed controls.

More updates to come :)


Updated Rear Propeller

The old one was a prop for a boat or a submarine, so I slightly modified it so the Helicopter now has a better one.Original Prop

New Prop

See what I mean? The old one looked pretty horrid... (ಥ﹏ಥ)


Cooler Profile Pic

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