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Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

The home of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club and the host to NFL matches in the UK, this is one of the world's newest and greatest (LEGO) stadiums! As you can see, it is a beautiful arena, and Tottenham are hosting a match against their greatest rivals! Who will win? Well, it looks like Harry Kane is about to take a shot....

I am a huge Tottenham and LEGO fan, so I have always wanted to see a brick-built version of my club's home. This set was very challenging t design. There were two big challenges. Firstly, the scale was a challenge, as I wanted the set to be mini-figure-scale, to allow for playability (you can make the players kick and score!) whilst also ensuring that the set was not unrealistically large. So, I ensured the proportions of the stadium was right, but I cut-down on how many players would be on the pitch and how many seats would be in the stands (I couldn't exactly put 62,000 mini-figures in there!) Secondly, making the exterior sufficiently curved as it is in reality was difficult. This was particularly the case with the south end, where the architecture was a struggle to represent in LEGO, but I think I did ok.

The set includes many features including six players, two managers (including Jose Mourinho), four fans, the classic 'white heart lane' road sign, lots of matchday scarfs reading 'COYS', 'To Dare Is To Do' is represented at the rear, and a father is coming in late to the game with his son (who is attending his first ever match)!

Thank you for reading this, please support and share if you have enjoyed this creation! COYS!

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