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Happier Than Ever

Music is probably one of the most beautiful things there are. You can connect certain situations and their associated emotions with music. Everyone has their own taste in music. Two years ago, an album was released by an artist whom I admire a lot: Billie Eilish. She released the album "Happier Than Ever."

Because of this, I got the idea to create a retro radio. I chose a retro radio because IT fits Well with the music theme and showcases the references I have incorporated the best.
It shows scenes from her music video for the song "Happier Than Ever" and is based solely on it.

The radio shows the living room where Billie ist seen with the phone. In this room, she sings the first half of her song. All the necessary furniture that can also found in the music video can bei found in the room. In a behind-the-scenes video of hers, you get an even better view of the room, which is why I included a small shelf with vinyl records, among other things. At the top of the radio, there is an area of water with a roof over the radio. Billie escape to the roof in the video because the room in the video is flooded with water. On the roof, she sings the second half of her song, which she performed in the rain.
The two parts of the song could not be more different. The first part is very harmonious, while the second part is very rocky.

There are other things on the back of the radio. You can see a small part of the recording studio at Billie's home in Los Angeles. There, you can see Finneas, her older brother, who producing her songs with her together. The album was released on his birthday. In the recording studio, there are three objects meant to reference three other songs on their album. The cap stands for the song "Lost Cause," the smale clock goes with the song "Getting Older" and the black car ist made for the song "NDA."
There is also a flap on the right rear that can be remove. Behind the flap is the scene of Billie swimming out of the house.
The two buttons on the front can be turned and trigger a small function. Aside from that, the roof and water can be remove from the radio for a better view of the room.

I hope that I can convincing you with this work and find fans for this radio. I appreciating every vote I receive and hope to find 10,000 supporters with it. I am grateful for any support. If you have the opportunity, please tell your friends and the Billie Eilish fans, about this retro radio.
Thank You! :)

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