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Stone Doorway


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I like building things that don't usually get noticed in life. This doorway MOC was the first thing I thought of and built. This piece looks like something you might find in a older city in Europe. There are 56 pieces in this build which is a surprisingly small amount for how big it looks. I challenge you to come up with what this door could have been used for. The door features a window where someone might peek out to watch for intruders.

The door is completely functional, but it only swings one way, which is kind of a downside.

The door is attached to the frame with two 1x2 plates, two antenna bars connected with a lightsaber hilt, and a 1x2 with one clip. I also put sloped plates over the 1x2s so it looked more natural. (I tried to find ones of the same colors)

It stands 4.5 inches tall, 3.5 inches long, and 1.25 inches deep, so it is fairly small.
The door fits just right in the frame and doesn't (always) catch on the right edge.

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