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The Santa Clause - 30 Year Anniversary Snow Globe


The Most Important Detail in the History of Christmas

Here is Carol Newman - the Mrs. Clause


"Not too hot, extra chocolate - shaken, not stirred"

Thank you guys so much! We've officially reached 1k supporters on LEGO IDEAS to try and get the Santa Clause movie turned into an official LEGO set! So to celebrate here is our first minifigure milestone - Judy the Elf! Complete with a serving tray and mug of hot cocoa!

More photos and higher quality versions can be found on my socials if you're interested :)


Minifigure Milestones

Thank you so much for helping us pass the first milestone of 100! But that's just 1% of the way done! We're a lot further than that now! But I thought I'd provide some incentive for every 1k milestone! Each time we reach a new milestone a character from the three films will be revealed! So share it around so you can see your favourite characters LEGO-ized!

But for those concerned about the realism of the set. These are NOT a part of the actual submission. Just something additional!

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