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The Santa Clause - 30 Year Anniversary Snow Globe


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The 1994 Disney Christmas film - The Santa Clause is a beloved movie and franchise. This film is my absolute favourite Holiday movie and I think that this idea would make the perfect LEGO Set. After receiving a sequel in 2002 -The Santa Clause 2, a third film in 2006 - The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause AND now in 2022 the Disney Plus show -The Santa Clauses! Also, the first film will be celebrating its 30-year anniversary in 2024! What better LEGO set to make than the most iconic item throughout the franchise the Snow Globe!

Snow Globes play a part all throughout the franchise. This idea is meant to be a replica of the snow globe that Bernard gives to Charlie in the very first film. This isn't just your ordinary snow globe however where you just shake it and snow studs can fall. There are also three separate builds that you can swap out, each representing iconic locations.

Underneath features three different coloured orbs. Each with their own unique function! The Yellow orb turns on and off a light brick, shining a light through the interiors of the different builds. And the Red orb and Green orb move different aspects of each build.

A miniature of Dr. Miller's House and street is inside the real snow globe in the film which of course needs to be a build included. The build is complete with printed door pieces, bushes in the front and back, windows with holes for the light from the light brick to shine through. And of course on the roof is one Reindeer and Santa's Sleigh with a Santa microfigure inside. Pushing the red and green orbs will lift and lower them as if they are landing or taking off.

The miniature build representing Santa's Workshop in the North Pole is the second build. We see the North Pole when Charlie shows his snow globe to Carol when he's trying to convince her that Santa is real! From 2002 to 2022 the shape of the building hasn't changed, however some of the colours have. So it features a combination of colours from the last twenty years. In the centre there is a printed stain glass window, as well as some interlocking pieces. Allowing light to shine through them! There's also a huge skylight in the back!

The green orb makes one of the Evil Santa's Toy Soldiers stomp around on patrol. And the red orb lifts up the ice cream cone piece either representing smoke from the equipment the elves are using to make the toys. Or maybe just someone is baking some cookies for Santa!

While the actual Snow Globe doesn't feature a miniature of Scott Calvin's House I thought it was a very important moment to capture. It includes a printed piece with his teal door with a wreath, snowman out front, and a Scott Calvin micro figure! The green orb lifts up the Rose Suchak Ladder Company ladder and the red orb can make Santa climb through the chimney.

Peering through the window on the first floor, a flame piece is included to represent the turkey that catches on fire from Scott Calvin trying to make Christmas dinner for Charlie! But I guess that could also be the fireplace. When pressing the yellow orb it will light this flame up, as well as shine through all the house's windows.
The minifigures included are Charlie Calvin who comes with an even smaller version of the snow globe. Scott Calvin sporting his pyjamas with the initials "SC" for Scott Calvin or Santa Claus. He also has a 1x2 of the Santa Clause. Of course his Santa Claus outfit also has to be included with his sack full of presents. You're also able to swap out the heads and hair to transform Scott Calvin into Santa Claus.

A stand is also included to connect to the Snow Globe is able to display two minifigures. With the initials "SC" appearing again here on a gold tile.

I'm really happy with this idea for a movie that is so special to me! I think that this will make the perfect set for those people who are fans of the original Santa Clause movies and hopefully interest the new fans brought in from the TV show. People who like real world brick built objects and I think that this combines those two themes that people come to expect from the IDEAS theme.

"Seeing isn't believing, believing is seeing!" So I believe with your help we can turn this idea into an official LEGO set! Thank you :)

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