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Robotic Mech Factory

With gears clicking, conveyors spinning, and mechs stomping, this action-packed robotic mech factory never slows down! The facility’s vibrant colors gives it a fun, whimsical feel as the 2+ robot engineers included are hard at work inside assembling their latest sci-fi-style creation—marked by the brick-built “MECH” sign affixed to the front.

The exterior walls are absolutely covered with valves, hoses, and random little bits of greebling everywhere. (I may have gotten a bit carried away with it all…) It was fun finding unexpected uses for various orange pieces as details, like carrots, old Power Miners parts, and even brick separators on the back! A lot of interesting building techniques can be utilized here to give the walls this industrial flair, but the excitement doesn’t end on the outside—the interior is packed with loads of detail too!

You can remove the front wall to get a diorama-style view inside, and/or remove the roof to access everything from the top—with plenty of room for hands of all sizes to reach in and pose figures or play.

Inside you'll find everything needed for the factory to run smoothly: all sorts of tools and spare parts neatly stored away, blueprints for the next big project, and a set of stairs leading up to a massive, working conveyor belt in the back!

Materials can be loaded in through the chute on the side of the factory where they zip across the moving conveyor, allowing a robotic claw arm to grab parts and align them for assembly. I've motorized my model, but that's certainly not necessary to enjoy this neat little mechanism. The belt can just as easily be controlled via a hand crank instead for a more manually-controlled (and affordable) motion.

Components taken off the conveyor belt are then carefully constructed together on the rotating platform in the center of the floor. One example mech is included, but the goal is to get fans young and old excited about engineering, so you are encouraged to use your own LEGO bricks and imagination to create wacky new designs of your own!

Once your mech is assembled, open the garage-style bay door to let it roam around. (2 smaller side entrances are also built in for the minifigures.) Will your creation save the city from a villainous threat? Will you send it to space to gather crystals on far-off planets? Or is it just the latest fashion trend? You decide what kind of story you want the factory to tell!

Two iconic smokestacks protrude out the top (with a mini mech statue between), but these are purely decorative. I wanted to place an emphasis on eco-friendly industry while building the factory in an effort to reduce pollution, so the facility is actually powered by some solar panels covering the roof. They surround a nice big skylight letting some much-needed light inside, where single-use plastic waste is being eliminated by switching to recyclable packaging of the factory's supplies. Two relatively small inclusions in the grand scheme of things, I know, but hopefully this set can raise awareness of the many tiny lifestyle changes we can make to all do our part!

You can also do your part in (hopefully) making this a real LEGO set! Your support, comments, and shares on this project would mean the world to me, so thank you in advance! Someday this factory—with all its fun details making it great for play and display—could be yours to purchase in stores!

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