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Jager Supreme


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The Jager Supreme is a ship that hunts for bounties and treasure.  There is a huge crew that pilots the whole ship, but the ship can split into smaller units to get the job done easier and faster rather than having one craft do all the work.  Providing more ships and being linked allows the crew to more productive.  

All the ships have weapons which allow them to be on the offensive when tracking down bounties.  If being attack from one direction the ship can split up and attack from all postions to insure victory.  The Jager Supreme has 4 ships that can function on their own or join the main one to function together.  If need be and when the main ship is in a secure location the top part of the main ship can function as a land craft, when the top does not need to be on. 

The four smaller ships are specialize to create a supreme working unit.  One is called the raider which acts as the first defensive or offensive unit.  This one carries one pilot with missiles and basters.  It is the fastest ship so it can protect the others or lead the attack.

There is the 3 passenger ship which acts more like a tank.  It can take more hits and be flown in any direction at anytime which means that it could become the hunted or hunter instantly.  It is also equipped with nice weapons like the machine baster.

There is a sturdier ship which can explore tighter spaces but not much on the offensive.  It does have some basters and room to carry a few items inside while being piloted by one crew member.

The last of the small ships could be the most important one because it holds the prisoner.  This ship is on the back of the Jager Supreme so that it could make the escape while the others defend it.  This is piloted by an assassin who carries its guns near and this ships hold the prisoner's weapons too.  This ship has fire power to protect it and it protects the back of the Jager Supreme when attacked from the back as a whole unit.  

The Jager Supreme without the other ships is not weak.  When left alone or not it has 3 firing cannons up front.  It has a slicer on the the side of the ship for cutting into enemy ships or other materials like asteroids.  Inside the ship it is controlled by 3 pilots or if need be one main pilot, the captain.  Inside there is robot to help the crew out sitting on the side, there is medical equipment too.  There are spots open for crew, food, drinks, weaponry or other materials.  On top of main is the tactician who helps navigates, copilots, and monitors the other ships.  The main ship also holds a droid which can fly itself around in space, travel up to missile speed, acts as a beacon, and can carry some items.  

This is the Jager Supreme, don't let it be hunting you or if you are coming for it think again. 

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