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The Simpsons: Nuclear Power Plant Interior Set

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This Simpsons set recreates scenes set in the nuclear power plant. I decided to make this set when I bought the Mr Burns minifigure in the blind bags. I destroyed my prototype treehouse to make this. I am proud of this set and it is my first CUUSOO project. Sorry about the bad photo.

The set includes:
Mr Burns
Mr Burns' office
Office desk
Sector 7G (Homer's office)
Rotating chair
Photograph of Maggie
Blinky in fishbowl

Unusual elements are included e.g. the bed and photo of Maggie because they are references to objects only in one or two episodes. The bed is featured in an episode where Lisa starts sleeping at the power plant. The photo is from when Homer tells his children why there are no photos of Maggie in the photo album: Homer had them on his office wall.

Here are the minifigures:

Mr Burns. Here is the back of his desk with hidden buttons to open the trapdoor and to release the hounds. This figure is from the collectible minifigure series.

Homer. Here is the rotating chair that he can sit in. The minifigure is from the Simpsons House.

Lisa. This is the bed that she temporarily sleeps in. This minifigure is also form the Simpsons House.

The set can easily split into sections. They are:

Mr Burns' office with windows, a desk and a bookcase/secret compartment.

NOTE- The compartment does NOT open up.

The other sections are sector 7G and the bedroom. I really hope you will vote for my set and if you do, I send my thanks to you.

More sets are coming soon!

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