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Kirby's Wonderful Land of Dreams!


The Big Update's out NOW!

First of all, sorry for the delay, but I finally updated the project!

I've added a lot of stuff such as Kirby's House, an interior for Castle Dedede, more "Kirby's Dream Land" enemies, but I have also limited the number of characters, Kirby faces, and Copy Abilities.

But anyway, I hope you all enjoy this update, I put a lot of care into it!>

Onward to 10K!


5K SUPPORTERS! (+ The BIG Update Sneak Peek!)

Hi everyone, it's been a while, huh?

Yeah, for me, at least, it's been pretty busy, from having to endure several painful semesters at Uni, to having to develop my own hobby indie game project.

But aside from that, this project has also gone through a lot, from being featured in several YouTube videos, to a literal Nintendo Life article, needless to say, I'm surprised, you guys must really want LEGO Kirby as do I!

And as a token of gratitude for this new accomplishment of 5K supporters, I decided to motivate myself to take a little time to develop this project even further in the form of a redesign, such as:

  • Better character builds!
  • Better prints!
  • The overall redesign of the main Castle Dedede build!
  • Many additions based on comment suggestions! (Yes, I do read the comments!)
  • And (probably) more!
The image above is a sneak peek featuring the pink puffball you all know and love, and triple D himself!

(These might be subject to change over time, so don't get your hopes all the way up just yet, this is just the tip of the Kirby-lore-sized iceberg!)

But, as sad as it may sound, I am going to have to cut a lot of stuff from the project, such as:

  • The removal of characters such as the Animal Buddies, Nightmare, Dark Matter, Gooey, Marx, and the various Kirby colors.
  • A limit to the Kirby face prints and Copy Abilities.
  • And, as sad as it may be, the removal of Buff Dedede (and consequentially, Posessed Dedede)
The reason for these removals is because of how cluttered the project looked with these additions, but I will make the promise of (hopefully) adding at least 2-3 publically recognizable Kirby characters that are deemed fit for a LEGO Kirby set to counteract this huge loss.

Anyways, that's all I can show, thank you all for the 5K+ supports!

Hopefully, we'll reach 10K once Kirby's 30th Anniversary rolls around, now, onward to the grand finale!

By the way-

Did anyone else feel that Kirby and The Forgotten Land was the best thing to ever come out of the franchise? Because I sure have been wanting a fully 3D Kirby game for ages!


2.5K SUPPORTERS! (+ Brand New Kirby Faces!)


I never thought this project would go that far, we are now 1/4th of the way there!

To celebrate, I made more Kirby face designs, and I used them to make some pictures!

Here's the "Normal" Kirby face.


Here's the "HE'S A JOLLY FELLOW" Kirby.

The "Sleepy" Kirby...

The "I'm not falling to your tricks again!" Kirby.

The "Attacking" Kirby.

And last but not least, The "WOW!" Kirby, The "Shocked" Kirby, The "SUUUUUUCK" Kirby, and The "Puffed Cheeks" Kirby!

And that's all I have in store for y'all, again, thank you so much for making this one heck of a journey for me, I hope that this project would soon hit 10000 supporters and will be on store shelves soon.

Onward to 5000!



Turns out that I used the wrong color scheme for Nightmare, mainly being from Parallel Nightmare from Super Kirby Clash, but don't worry! It's been fixed!



Reached another milestone, Baby!!

I would like to thank you all so, so, so much for helping me reach this milestone, seriously, this wouldn't have been possible without your support!

As a token of gratitude, I would like to share a couple of new stuff:

First off, an update to the King Dedede figure!

Due to popular demand, I dededecided to remake the King Dedede model, simply because the old one looked quite bad, so here it is with the alternate models, PLUS a Buff Dedede model! (like, c'mon, who wouldn't want a LEGO Buff Dedede?)

Now for new characters, I made three of them!

First is Marx, the little grape dude who just wanted to become the strongest being in the universe, but then was defeated by Kirby.

Second is Kracko, a cloud-shaped villain who has appeared in so many Kirby games that one can simply lose count!

Lastly, it's the main villain of Kirby's Adventure, Nightmare!

And that is it for updates (for now), once again, thank you all so much for helping me reach 1000 supporters, without your support, this project would just be dead meat.

Onward to 5000 and beyond!


Youtube Video!

I also made a Youtube video for the project!



We just made it to the big 500!

I never actually thought I'd make it this far, it's really amazing how this project grew ever since I built the Kirby figure, and to celebrate, I made more characters! 

Featuring the Animal Buddies, a group of animals that like to help Kirby during his adventures, who appeared in Kirby's Dream Land 2 and Kirby's Dream Land 3! ...And then there's Gooey, he's a secondary character in KDL3, who was also a sidekick alongside Kirby at one point.




Wow, 100 Supporters on the very first day of the project going live, it's unbelievable, to say the least, but still, thank you all for supporting this project! Hopefully, it'll become an actual set someday!

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