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Kirby's Wonderful Land of Dreams!


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"Kirby (Japanese: カービィ, Hepburn: Kābī) (Japanese pronunciation: [kaːbiː]) is the titular protagonist of the Kirby series of video games owned by Nintendo and HAL Laboratory. As one of Nintendo's most famous and familiar icons, Kirby's round appearance and ability to copy his foes' powers has made him a well-known figure in video games, consistently ranked as one of the most iconic video game characters. He first appeared in 1992 in Kirby's Dream Land for the Game Boy."

Welcome to Dream Land, located in Planet Popstar, inhabited by none other than the famous Kirby, a pink puffball with a HUGE appetite, inhaling everything in sight!


Having some fond memories of this franchise ever since I was young, I wanted to capture most of the Kirby aesthetic using design aspects taken from games such as "Kirby Blowout Blast", "Kirby Star Allies", etc.

The game with the most representation in this set is "Kirby's Dream Land" since it was the first game in the series and the one with the most sales (also because it's almost the 30th Anniversary of the game, and by extension, the franchise!), but I've also included some fan-favorites such as the main quartet from "Kirby's Return to Dream Land", and, representing the "Dark Matter Trilogy" (a fan-name given to 3 games in the series which have Dark Matter as an antagonist: "Kirby's Dream Land 2", "Kirby's Dream Land 3", and "Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards"), Gooey!

I mainly wanted to capture specific recognizable moments that have been a part of the first game (with the exception of Kirby's dome-shaped house, which debuted in "Kirby's Dream Course"), such as Whispy Woods' Boss area, and King Dedede's castle, being the final location of the game.

The point of this set is essential to just be a combination of a "playset" and a "display piece", with an all-black base for that "display aesthetic", but with certain play features such as the ability to launch the castle's glass dome by slamming a lever behind it, and several studs to stick characters on and pose them however you like.

This project, built in the Bricklink Studio software, has 1517 pieces, 11 brick-built figures, and 5 Kirby Copy Abilities/Face Prints!


  • Kirby: They're the star of the show, whose name you should know!
  • King Dedede: The self-proclaimed king of Dream Land, used to be Kirby's Arch-Enemy, but now they're just Arch-Frienemies, sometimes accompanying Kirby throughout some of their adventures!
  • Bandana Waddle Dee: Once thought to be a simple Waddle Dee, has now become a brave warrior!
  • Meta Knight: A mysterious yet caring warrior who has appeared in several games.
  • Gooey: Kirby's single-instance sidekick who is actually a part of an antagonistic species in the series called "Dark Matter", but through the power of kindness became a good little creature!
  • Waddle Dee: They're known for their carefree nature, mostly walking around aimlessly and never going too far out of their way to attack.
  • Waddle Doo: A cycloptic variant of Waddle Dee that fire energy whips from its eye when threatened.
  • Bronto Burt: They have always been seen patrolling the skies, with a scowling face that gives off a "defensive" vibe, but that doesn't really matter considering Kirby's abilities.
  • Gordo: They're indestructible obstacles that hurt Kirby when touched by their spikes!
  • Shotzo: Like Gordos, they're essentially indestructible, but they always stay in place, shooting aimlessly, hoping that Kirby gets hit by one of their pellets.
  • Kracko: A giant cloud that can spawn Waddle Doos, they've had some sort of a grudge against Kirby, hence their multiple appearances in the games.
  • Whispy Woods: A large living apple tree that has been the first boss in the majority of the games, he has the ability to drop apples and blow air puffs at Kirby in hopes of hurting them.

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Happy 30th Anniversary, Kirby!

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