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Ice Breaking Research Ship "Polarstern" - 1:250


Thank you for the great support!

Over 2,200 votes and a lot of positive feedback is more than I ever expected for my first seriously built LEGO model. Many thanks for that!


We have built the Research Icebreaker Polarstern from real Lego bricks!

After much planning and arranging the parts, the Bricklink studio model has now become a real model. It took approx. 12 hours to build the ship from individual bricks in 3 major steps.


Update V3 - MOSAiC Expedition

In the last week, I reconstructed the rear part of the superstructure. On each side, the structure is now one Lego brick wider than before, and the lifeboats are now narrower, like in reality. At the front, the second movable crane, which has been used during the last expedition, as well as some details on the vessel's bridge, were added. These improvements give the model even more authenticity.

Furthermore, I added the inscription "MOSAiC Expedition 2019/2020" on both sides of the diorama.


Visit in Bremerhaven on the occasion of the return of the Polarstern

The city of Bremerhaven has invited me to be there when Polarstern returns. At 6 am, the excursion ship "MS Geestemünde" left the port, and around one and a half-hour later, the research vessel Polarstern was already in viewing distance accompanied by a unique sunrise. Many thanks to the city of Bremerhaven (especially "Bremerhaven Erleben") for making this possible. 



Special thanks to the AWI and the Nordsee-Zeitung for their great support!

In the last weeks, the Alfred Wegener Institute, as well as the Nordsee-Zeitung, supported my Polarstern project on social media, online, as well as in the local newspaper in Bremerhaven. I would like to thank you once again for your great support!


First Update: Many design improvements!

In the last weeks I …

-         added a new diorama floor in arctic style

-         improved the stern (back) of the ship

-        removed the studs at the bow of the vessel

-         replaced the three old lifeboats with the ones used during the MOSAiC expedition and enhanced the suspension

-         added containers at the front and above the vessel’s command bridge

-         added the old AWI logo on the chimney

-         replaced the old helicopter landing pad with the current paint used during the MOSAiC expedition (octagonal, yellow circle, white H)

-         did some further minor design improvements

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