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Ice Breaking Research Ship "Polarstern" - 1:250


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Polarstern - Ice Breaking Research Ship

"To face nature and test one's acumen on her mysteries gives life an unexpected content."
                                                                                            Alfred Wegener, polar researcher

Even today, the Alfred Wegener Institute continues to conduct intensive research to understand and predict the climate in the polar regions and, thus, the climate of the entire earth.
The German Ice Going Multipurpose Research Vessel "Polarstern" ("Polar Star" in English) is one of their unique vessels - be it the construction, the outer form, or the sheer scope for research. That means that the Polarstern is not only an ice going vessel but also a big measuring instrument. Data is constantly collected onboard and, some of it gets continuously sent to various receivers. (source: AWI)

Therefore it was no coincidence that the Polarstern set out on the most important polar expedition of all time in the fall of 2019, called MOSAiC. 20 Nations got involved in this great and unique mission that ended on October 12, 2020 in Bremerhaven (Germany) and will change our view of the earth, especially of the polar regions, forever. By evaluating the collected data in the upcoming years, scientists will understand interactions in the climate system a lot better. That will furthermore lead to better models and predictions for the climatologically important polar regions.

If you haven't heard of the Polarstern yet, here is some information:

Operator: AWI - Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research
Vessel Type: Ice Going Multipurpose RV
Ice Class: 100 A5
Engine Power: 14,120 kW (19,198 hp)
Length: 117.91 m
Width: 25.00 m
Draft: 11.21 m
Operational Area: the Arctic and Antarctic Oceans
Model information:
Scale: 1:250
Length (vessel): 47 cm
Width (vessel): 10cm
Number of pieces (overall): 1,675
Construction time: >80 hours (includes planning, building, updates, and improvements)

I was surprised when I found out that there is no model of the Polarstern yet, neither as a set nor as an Idea on this platform. When I decided to build the vessel from Lego bricks, I did not expect it to be as realistic as it is today. Challenging was the vessel's unsymmetric design, as well as the many hidden corners and details all over the decks. This vessel is really worth being produced as a Lego Set, as it has done a great service to science all over the world in the last 38 years.

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