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Dungeon Crawler


Character Board & Monster Cards

Since the Microfigures I used for my project lack the ability to hold eqipment (since they do not have arms), I came up with a "Character Board" showing the heroe's current equipment (depicted by printed cardboard-cards), lives, mana (magical power) and stamina (which is used to perform extra-moves).

There are two information-boards for each character. One that shows the character's pictur, including information for his movement-speed, number of lives, and luck as well as close-combat and archery skills, and one that depicts his current equipment with slots for the left and right arm, the head and torso and also a quiver and a backpack (for items and potions).

Each item has a price and special abilities like parry, knock-down, etc and uses one or two hands to carry (if you use a two-handed weapon the slot for the second arm gets crossed-out).

For each action the heroes perform the Overlord will receive Monsterpoints which he can spend on buying new Monsters that can be placed in any unseen area (also allegedely empty rooms).


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