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150 Supporters !

Thanks to the first 150 supporters and fingers crossed for this to increase in supports and follows before it's time on Ideas is up

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Three month mark and 116 supports !

Thank you to the 115 supporters of this project, it has done better than my previous one by about a third.

Please keep supporting and following, City needs more sets similar to this.

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Only ONE off a century !

One to break that first 100 mark. Please keep supporting, etc., Brick On !


Only two off a hundred supports !

Plus this project has equaled the previous post office project's support count and this was in about two months not three years like the original project.

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Only four off a hundred !

Also only 2 off equaling my first post office project I originally posted on Cuusoo years ago.

Please support and follow if you like.

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Only ten to the first hundred supports.

Also eight from equalling the previous post office project. If you like this please support and follow it. Brick On everyone !


Extra photos

I've added a female post office worker and a male customer collecting his letters.

if you like it, support it, thank you !