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RoadRunner and Wile E. Coyote


Check out my new project!

 I have been listening to your comments- Wile E. has a body! also, Roadrunner has had a new makeover I'm sure you'll love! Plenty of ACME products to go around too! Once you're done supporting this project, support the other! Thanks guys!



ACME Anvil!

This update is just a small one- I made an Anvil for Coyote to throw! It's to scale with roadrunner and coyote and isn't anywhere near heavy (Phew!)Also, I'm working on a better body for coyote. People have mentioned that a lot!

Thank you for all your support, I've been able to make much better projects because of it.


P.S. I may be working on a tweety bird... for all you Looney Tunes fans :)

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