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RoadRunner and Wile E. Coyote


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Meep Meep!

One of the most iconic cartoons in the world has now been created out of Lego! The poor coyote will be suffering from all sorts of Lego ACME weapons. Creativity is limitless with the ACME products. He could use a wrecking ball, a crate of dynamite or the free bird seed trick! and you could make him actually catch the roadrunner! Anything is possible in the world of Lego.

The proposed set would include the super-fast Road Runner and the devious coyote, along with various ACME products. However, people could create their own zany contraptions for capturing the elusive bird. And probably blowing up the coyote as well.

This set could start a whole series of Looney Tunes sets. Support this set if you want to see coyote smashed in classic nostalgia in your own crazy ways!


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