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Classic Bus Motorhome


The classic bus motorhome is a great place to spend a few weeks on the road. Travel in style and live in comfort with a fold-down bed, and full kitchenette. The bus also features engine detail and a removable roof to play inside.

This build is based on the classic American busses operated by Greyhound bus lines in the 1950s and 60s. I decided to convert one from a passenger bus into a motorhome of sorts.

I built this bus a while ago when LDD crashed and I lost the trailer motorhome I was working on. Determined to make a bigger and better replacement, I built this. I've always wanted to build a Greyhound-like bus, so I combined the best of two worlds and built a motorhome bus.

I think there's a lot of play value here, and I've always loved the classic look of the Greyhound bus. It would be awesome to see a Greyhound (or at least something based on one) in a LEGO set.

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