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Minifig-Scale Trees


Many Lego scenes could be enriched with the addition of trees. Castles, modern cities, train scenes and even sci-fi battles could all benefit from a more lush environment.

Lego has provided fans with a number of vegetation options in the past – from single piece fir trees, to muti-element palm trees, to tree-centric play sets – but few that could hide an ambushing bandit or provide adequate shade to inner-city park visitors.

This Idea aims to provide the Lego community with an affordable means to vegetate their worlds, be that as a standalone tree or a complete forest. The tree also makes a nice substitute Bonsai tree for those lacking a green thumb.

This idea includes one 110 piece minifig-scale tree.

This set was inspired by Paultox’s “Beautiful Trees” but has been completely redesigned to provide Lego fans with a more affordable option to decorate their cities, castles and other environments. Images were rendered using Bluerender with Sunflow's mod.

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