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Elf the Movie - North Pole!


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Elf the Movie - North Pole

*All updates added below are correct as of the 13/02/2024 - please see updates section for more photos and close ups of all of the details.

A huge part of Christmas for me every year is watching the movie Elf! With fans all over the world, of all ages who love the film and its characters including myself.

We reached 10k supporters and went into the review in 2023 with my previous version of Elf the Movie, but were unsuccessful in becoming a LEGO set. After all of the support I received from all over the world, messages about the set and people wanting it to become reality, I decided that I must try again with a whole new design and improved features!

I wanted to create a LEGO set, which features two of the main locations from the film; Santa's Workshop at the North Pole and Walter Hobbs' Office. This set will be the perfect way for fans to celebrate Christmas and the movie every year, especially with the 20th anniversary of Elf the Movie which was in late 2023!

The Rooms and details are as follows:.

Room 1 - Classroom.

The classroom where the elves learn all of the important things and rules contains 2 desks; one for Buddy and one for another Elf. There is a teacher Elf also, who is pointing with his stick to a blackboard with the code of the elves written on it (next to a lantern).

There is a L-shaped table at the back of the room where students can learn bicycle assembly and model train engineering and another table at the side of the room for learning doll painting. There are signs up on the walls in the room also for "Bicycle Assembly", "Model Train Engineering" and "Doll Painting" again all lit by lantern.

The windows have a patterned effect to match the movie.

There are beams and columns in this room also for architectural effect and match the ones in the movie and a book by each desk with a paper bag containing lunch, and a cuckoo clock above the door on the wall.

Room 2 - Toy Building Workshop.

The job that all elves desire to do, work in Santa's Workshop building toys! This room has many features, in particular, Large doors at the back of the room that can be opened with an archway framework looking out onto the North Pole.

The 2 big windows have a pattern to match the movie and create a great effect allowing great views inside and outside.

There is one large storage tall cabinet to the back left of the room with a chair next to it for Santa to sit and rest while watching the elves at work building toys.

There is a wheelbarrow full of toys at the back of the room with a table with refreshments and candy canes on it by a drinks dispenser. Hidden in the corner is a hockey stick which is a nod to the deleted scene from the movie.

Behind the toy testing cabinet there is a few crates of built finished toys and a crate of wrapping paper and scissors.

To the left side there is a crate of baseball bats and a bucket next to the large new cabinet.

To the right of the room there is Buddy sat at the table in the toy testing area after being unable to build toys fast enough, now opening Jack in a Boxes sitting under the toy testing sign.

The table in the centre of the room allowing plenty of room for toy building with chairs either side with snowflake details on.

In the beams if you look close there is a fire alarm referencing that Buddy is the only one who can do it in the movie.

Room 3 - Living Room Area.

The living room area is built for relaxing with a large sofa and 2 smaller chairs. These all sit in front of a huge fireplace with a log burner and log storage underneath with pots and pans hanging from the mantle with a small reading lamp near by.

There are 4 different style cabinets in the room going left to right;

  • One with drinks bottles underneath and the snowglobe and the photo of Buddys parents on top.
  • One medium high cabinet with fancy windows.
  • One very tall cabinet with cupboard doors if you look inside you will see bowls stored in the top section on display.
  • One cabinet with drawers at the bottom and one big door at the top for storage.

There is a small table between the chairs with a glass jug and a small table by the fireplace window with the book resting on top.

There is a cot also that can be used for baby Buddy or Susie

There is a Gramophone under the lantern behind the sofa - a nice detail from the movie.

There is also a door on the right wall for access from outside.

Outside of Building Area.

The outside of the building area has a log cabin effect with windows and doors along with heavy snow on the roof.

There is a canopy above each window and door, a wood log storage area and a post box along with trees.

Narwhal bursting out of the water, with splash effect and Leon the snowman, Arctic Puffin Polar Bear cub all waiting outside.

There are piles of snow all around the floor on the building giving the full North Pole effect.

Santa's sleigh with Clausometer on the dashboard, Kringle 3000 turbine jet underneath placed on a scene with trees and snow built up either side of the sleigh

Candy Canes Scene

Scene 1 - Walter Hobbs office.

A mini scene featuring Walter Hobbs' office with his desk, phone, paper tray, name plate, cabinet with lamp and files, and 2 chairs allowing people recreate the iconic Christmas-gram scene from the film.

The Minifigs and Buildable Characters Included in the Set.

Buddy, Jovie, Papa Elf, Walrus, Polar Bear Cub, Arctic Puffin

Walter and Michael Hobbs

Santa, Ming Ming, Foom Foom and 3 more elves based on ones from the film unnamed.
Leon the Snowman and Narwhal.

Attention to detail.

From the details on the Minifigs and characters, to the small details on cabinets and walls, there is plenty to find and see all over the set including these for example; The book from the film, the photo of Buddy's parents and the New York City snow globe.

My main goal with this set was allow the playability to recreate scenes from the movie with plenty of space and functionality.

I have had amazing feedback about this set the past year and a half with fans from all over the world celebrating when we reached 10k the first time, so lets do it again with this new and improved set as there are Elf fans friends and and family's wanting to build this together at Christmas and have it on display.

This set offers something to everyone of all ages to get together and build it, and become a Christmas tradition building this set every year.

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