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Bessie and the TARDIS

This is my submission for a Doctor Who themed Lego set. The set would include the TARDIS (the Doctor's time/space ship), Bessie (the Doctor's car), and as many Doctor minifigs as Lego is willing to produce - or the BBC will allow them (I'm assuming one ;)

Doctor number one stepping out of the TARDIS. My TARDIS has opening doors and enough room for one time traveler. Lego doesn't make tiny enough windows (yet). Hopefully, an official set would include more TARDIS-y looking printed windows.

The interior of the TARDIS is based on the original series. Look, the round things! There is also part of a console and that clear tube thing in the middle (the Time Rotor, I think) this one does not move up and down.

The third Doctor and Bessie are outside the TARDIS and ready for action. Bessie is a four-seat convertible with a spare tire on the back the the WHO1 license plate on the front. Watch out for that Dalek!

This picture was inspired by the cast of Downton Abbey :) but it was only way I could squeeze in 11 Doctors and the War Doctor - sorry no Capaldi yet. I'm not proposing Lego create a minifig for every one of the Doctor's incarnations, but it would be great if they did. I created all these with figures from my collection - no custom stuff here!

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