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The Magic School Bus


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Seat belts, everyone!  If you've ever dreamt of cruising on down Main Street with Ms. Frizzle on a field trip, this set will help fulfill those dreams!

This set includes Bus, Ms. Frizzle, and Ms. Frizzle's class pet, Liz.  Bus has interchangeable eyes for more expressiveness, a magic-powered computer system, and a removable roof.  The set also includes a slingshot, magnifying glass, binoculars, and megaphone to help you act out various adventures from the books and show.

This set is perfect for anyone who loved the classic book series, classic TV show, or who has come to enjoy the new series, The Magic School Bus Rides Again!

With that being said, strap your bones right to the seat and come on!  Ride the magic school bus!  It's a wilder ride!

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