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Lifesize Acoustic Guitar


New Renders - Happy 2020!

Happy New Year! Thought I'd post some new renders for you all. Thanks again for all the support! 200 days to get to our 1k mark, please continue sharing with your Lego world and keep those votes coming in! CHEERS :)




New Color Variations!

Thought it'd be fun to see what the guitar would look like with different colors. What's your favorite? Tell me in the comments :)

Thank you for your support, please continue sharing :)

IG: LegoBrickBrad


New Front, Side, & Back Images

Greetings Supporters!

We are trucking along now and just crossed 200 supporters, thank you! Feel free to share the project link with your online communities via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, so we can continue to grow support! We've had some awesome IG accounts sharing with thousands of likes on the images so keep spreading the word! Find your Lego friends, musicians, guitarists, songwriters... if you know anyone that might think this is cool, please show 'em and encourage a vote! :) Don't forget you can follow me on Instagram @legobrickbrad, too!

Last, I wanted to share some new updated images of the front, side, and back of the guitar. Enjoy! 


We have STRINGS!

I knew the moment we launched this project one of the first updates to the set would be how to apply strings to the guitar. After some tinkering yesterday I'm excited to say I think we've got it! I modified the bridge by angling the saddle and bringing the pins closer together, which is nice upgrade from the previous version, offering a more accurate and realistic representation to the parts of a guitar. More importantly, bringing the pins closer together helped align everything down the neck. After rendering the new bridge modification I photoshopped some strings to test alignment and voila! WE HAVE STRINGS, BABY! :) In the real world this will be executed by 1 x 1 studs with custom length strings attached. These updates add about 12 more pieces to the set.

Thanks again for your support and follow the new Instagram account (legobrickbrad) for other updates and photos!


100 Votes! Thank you so much!

Just wanted to say a quick thanks to everybody who has supported the project so far, we made it to 100! YES! Next stop, 1,000 :)

This is my first major build and first time submitting to Lego Ideas, so I'm excited for the journey. Feel free to share pics and the support link with your brick community and/or musician friends. You can also follow a devoted Instagram account for this project at - hope to see you there.

Thanks again!


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