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Lifesize Acoustic Guitar


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Ever since I was a little kid learning to play guitar I always wanted to build my own instrument. Little did I know that when the idea actually came to fruition it would be out of bricks! My goal with this project was to produce a guitar that made you look twice. I wanted to craft something that could sit next to other guitars comfortably and tempt you to actually pick it up to play! This particular model was inspired and based on the acoustic guitar I learned on as a kid, which was actually my Grandpa's (a gift from my Grandma) before it finally reached my hands. So there's a bit of personal history and love put into this build. If you're a guitar player or songwriter, I hope you get a kick out of it. If you're not a musician, I hope it inspires you. Perhaps after building it yourself you'll want to start learning :) I think this would make a great launch to a new Lifesize Lego Instruments Series, or a series of notable and/or famous guitars.

1640 pieces in total, life-like aesthetic, and lifesize dimensions.

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