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Full House


Full House is an old show that inspired from 1987-1995. With the reboot called Fuller House that started in 2016 and still goes on today, I'd like to help carry on the legacy by introducing a LEGO set for the tv series.

The Full House set includes the house with four levels, Bullet, Danny's car, Jesse's Harley Davidson, and 14 micro figures from left to right in the 22nd photo: Danny Tanner, Mr. Woodchuck, Joey Gladstone, Mr. Bear, Stephanie Tanner, Michelle Tanner, Comet the Golden Retriever, D.J. Tanner, Steve Hale, Kimmy Gibbler, Rebecca Donaldson, Nicky Katsopolis, Jesse Katsopolis, and Alex Katsopolis. I hope you enjoy my set and please support so we can fill our houses with love and feelings of the past and present. That's all, and hope to have this set as an official prouduct one day. Bye!

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