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Spyrius Exploration Rover

What is this?
This is an exploration rover that I built in the spyrius subtheme design.
Why did I build this?
I built this after seeing a picture of Ice Planet rover using the giant panel (that I used on this rover but in neon orange) as a windshield. I decided to use the same piece that I had in my collection, and since it was a spyrius panel, I built a spyrius rover.
Why do I believe that this would make a great set?
I think that this would make a great set because I added as much playability as I could, and kids of all ages would love to have this in their collection.

This rover includes 2 minifigures, an android, 2 side launched rockets, an opening cargo bay door, a command deck with 2 control consoles, and lots of detail.

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