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In-N-Out Burger Restaurant


UPDATE #3 Minifig Staff

I'm really hoping that if this set is produced it will be possible to print up Mini Figures in their official IN-N-OUT uniforms.  The two figure types would be Lobby / Customer Service workers and Grill Area workers.

With different head pieces and headgear you could easily customize the staff to be male and female, as well as Drive Thru workers and Shift Managers.  Of course It would probably not be cost effective to have the name badges and embroidering in the final pieces but it's just too much fun to include specialty details during the speculative stages!

For the next update I'm currently working on an elevated sign post so customers can see the restaurant from "The 5" (That's the highway if you aren't from California;). Thank you again for all the incredible support you provide the project, we are making another push right now and it couldn't be done without your positive word of mouth, and mentions on Social Media.

Stay Hungry!


Update #2 Palm Upgrade

In my efforts to build a better (and more realistic) palm tree I came up with a way to add the "dried skirt" of old fronds beneath the living branches.  I think the updated appearance is much better than the original!

Thank you all so much for your support and feedback over the first three weeks, I'm looking for new ways to spice the model up all of the time. You can look forward to seeing the minifig workers in their uniforms in the next update!


Update #1 MINIFIGS!

​IN-N-OUT is the kind of place where you go in for a burger, and you come out with SWAG, like their world famous T-Shirts!


Here are some Lego-styled designs for the Iconic Black and Classic White T-shirts that IN-N-OUT visitors have come to love since their official debut in 1975.  A huge thank you to each person who has supported this project so far, and a special shout-out is in order to the kind people at Brickvault for featuring this build in their most recent video!


You can check them out breaking down official sets with news and reviews at their Youtube page here. 

Thanks for checking back in, please stay tuned for additional updates about both signage and foliage, and thank you for spreading the word about this project!

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