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In-N-Out Burger Restaurant


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It's possible that you're intrigued by what happens behind the counter at a fast food restaurant, and if you love your hamburgers fresh and served up with a side of sunshine, then this Minifig Scale Replica of California's legendary burger chain would love your support!  

The detailed exterior lifts off to reveal the realistic seating layout, front counter, kitchen area, and drive through stations. You can work the grill, build burgers, fill drinks at the Soda Fountain, and cut fries with the Potato Masher!  Everything you love about an IN-N-OUT Burger is featured here, right down to the tiny restrooms.

IN-N-OUT Burger is an American, family-owned, chain restaurant found only the sun-soaked regions of the Southwest.  Their menu consists solely of Burgers, Fries, Coca-Cola beverages, and Milkshakes.  Each of these items is served as fresh as possible (there are no freezers or microwaves) and made to order by a staff of workers who always seem to perform their extremely specialized tasks in lock-step synchronization with each other. 

Most IN-N-OUT restaurants have the same basic structure so I worked on building something that was instantly recognizable and realistic while maintaining the charm of a Lego Creator set.  Although there is some SNOT technique in the model I worked mostly by stacking because I knew I wanted to build the exterior as an outer shell lift-away.

All of the parts are stock Lego pieces except for the signage.  I asked a graphic designer to replicate the Logo and print me two of them as vinyl cling stickers.  A big thank you to my friend @JordanChez for the amazing photographs.


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