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Lost in Space - Chariot (ATV)


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When I saw the first episodes of Netflix' "Lost in Space" in 2018, I was immediately impressed by this new kind of All-Terain-Vehicle. It was clear to me that I wanted to have this car at home, at least as a LEGO model. So I started thinking about the right scale and spending a lot of time for building the rear suspension (one of the parts that I found very astonishing). The most difficult part was to find the a windscreen that is comparable to the original one in the TV show.

I think that this car will make a great LEGO set since it is a very different approach comparing to the current CREATOR Expert Cars. I also believe that there should be more Science Fiction models in the LEGO world than just Star Wars (and I am a big Star Wars fan!).

This model comes with

- a full working front and rear suspension
- front wheels can be steered using a "hand of god" wheel
- two gull wing doors which can be opened
- full interior
- a trunk which can be opened as well.

I will continue to update and improve the model and I am working on a youtube video of it as well.

I hope you like it!

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