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Giza Pyramids


These are the pyramids of Giza that are from the ancient lands of Egypt. They are a basic build of a geometric shape of the triangle, and three of them represents the Pharaohs that have lived then passed on into the afterlife. All three models use the same pieces to make the build, so it only took about 35 minutes to make. Why I built this model is because I was inspired on how the ancient builders of Egypt made such large builds and what they symbolized when their leader the Pharaohs passed into the afterlife. That, along with document films of Egypt on Netflix gave me the idea to create replicas of the three pyramids of Giza.

A model like this would make a good Lego set is because; there is no model of the Giza pyramids in the Lego architecture sets. so the pyramids could make a good addition. Or it can be a separate set on its own. Also, a set like this would give those the idea of how the pyramids look like and those with a interest in studying ancient Egypt a goal set on one day visiting the pyramids of Egypt. This why I think the model could be a good set for Lego.

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